Welcome to Gardens Of Grace (formerly JoshEWEa's Garden) where our mission is to support the home cook with Traditional foods.  

Food here is prepared Traditionally: slow and intentional the way our Grandparents did, preserving nutrients and maximizing nutrition. The result is beautiful, delicious, nutrient-dense foods for you to serve to the people you love!

What do YOU need to make a beautiful breakfast?... Pre-Soaked Oatmeal Cereals?..."Crispy" Nuts & Seeds?...Creamy Nut Butters?...these and more are all just a click away. 

Are you eating Gluten-free?  Dairy-free? Egg-free?  Grain-free? Paleo? Sugar-free?...you will enjoy the variety of foods we offer in these categories.  Explore our Traditional foods…The possibilities are delicious!


~Make Breakfast Beautiful with Traditional Foods from Gardens Of Grace ~


SPECIAL FOR ALL ORDERS OVER $50! Receive a free baby butter (1.5ozs). Just put your preferred flavor (almond, cashew, mixed nut, pecan, or walnut) in the comment box when you order.