About Us

At JoshEWEa's Garden our mission is to support the home cook with Traditional Foods prepared by soaking or sprouting and then low-temp dehydrating.  These Traditional methods enhance the availability of nutrients and make them easier to digest and assimilate. Each ingredient item is certified organic or sourced from a responsible, local farmer whom we know and trust.

Your family deserves the best quality foods made by people who care about the products and those who will enjoy it. By using organic and locally-produced ingredients we strive to produce products with superior nutrition AND fantastic taste!

In 2008 we began by offering Sprouted Grain Flours to our local customers through our local country farm store.  As excitement built over having a local resource for this time-intensive traditional food, the demand for additional products became clear.  Within six months we introduced our first pre-soaked oatmeal cereal: Original Coconut.  In 2009 we put together this online store in an effort to reach resellers nationwide so more families could enjoy our food products via their local healthy foods store, buying group or CSA.  As of 2011 not only have we shipped to most of the 50 US states but we've also sent orders to Cananda, Europe and China!  This tells us that the need for Traditionally preprared foods is great, and we hope to become your valued resource for food with superior nutritional quality.

Today, we offer unique Pre-Soaked Oatmeal cereals, a variety of soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds, delicious nut butters, Snac, Mixes and more!  In addtion to Traditional food products, you'll also find a variety of lovely hand-made items though our online-store and via our website on the LINKS page, hand-crafted by our family and friends.  We enjoy working with you to "Make Breakfast Beautiful".

We prepare food this way each and every day for our own family and are happy to offer them to you and yours as well. Thank you for shopping with us!  Every purchase you make helps us to continue our efforts in providing nutrtionally dense foods for our family as well as our local and online community.  May God bless and keep you!