Organic "Crispy" Walnuts 1lb

New to Traditional Foods?  Haven't had a soaked & dried Organic "Crispy" Walnut yet?  Well, hold on to your taste buds (if you can!).  These Organic Walnuts halves literally transform during the process of soaking and dehydrating.  Not only do they become easier to digest*, but the flavor transitions from the slightly bitter familiar flavor of raw walnuts to...almost BUTTERY tasting!  You have to try them to believe it.  They are simply fantastic!  And our Organic Walnuts come to us directly from the grower in California so we start with the freshest nuts we can find.  We prepare them for YOU to use in your favorite recipes.  Taste and see how delicious Traditionally preapred Organic "Crispy" Walnuts can be!

* See our website for articles and links on the digestive benefits of soaking and sprouting grains, nuts and seeds.

Organic "Crispy" Walnuts 1lb
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