"Crispy" Almond Butter 11.5oz (RAW Honey sweetened)

This Nut Butter will be new for you, I promise!  Mostly smooth with a bit of texture, we begin with our very own Soaked and Dried Organic "Crispy" nuts and combine them with Organic Coconut Oil, wonderful locally-harvested RAW WI honey and a little Sea Salt to create a taste sensation.

Packaged in 11.5 oz jars you should have enough to make sandwiches, to use as a dip for your favorite fruits or veggies or to serve on crackers and toast.  If you would like to try a variety of our unique nut butters, check out our Nut Butter Tower.  This lovely package offers three different varieties of our wonderful nut butters.

"Crispy" Almond Butter 11.5oz (RAW Honey sweetened)
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